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           About Us:

Dear Friends & Fanciers ,

The purpose of this Website is to Introduce People to the Sport of Pigeon Flying as well as promote and regulate the Sport Competition for flying tippler pigeon.



Looking for a hobby and information on Indian Pigeons-Girebaaz-Highflying Tipplers or Highfliers Indian Tipplers, the exceptional breeds of Highfliers from India .You are at the right path. We will provide some basics of how the sport is practiced, its management and protocol. Here by the word sport we mean Pigeon Keeping, as it will appear same through our site.

I would like to take this opportunity and welcome you to MY WORLD of India Pigeons. The world of Thorough Bred Highfliers Pigeons Originating from India. I have been involved, or should say fascinated, with these wonderful pigeons since 1985 .Being a one of the professional fliers of highfliers of the country, we are also looking forward and to liberate some of the biggest special Competition in India.

My love for these birds has brought me so much JOY with the bond that they and I have with each other; PRIDE with the accomplishments that my birds have achieved, winning almost every major race in India –Mumbai Metro area and also all over this great country of ours, even against all odds; and, yes, SADNESS when one does not come home, or when they get old and pass on. It is hard to explain the feeling of emptiness when you gaze at the nest box where they resided and are no longer there; and FRIENDSHIPS I have met with fanciers who are not afraid to reach out their hand and help when I'm in need of a good bird, advice when I start to second guess my self!, or to just listen to me when I just need to blow off some steam!!!!

I wish to acknowledge my good friends Ani and Sonu, whom I've known for more then my life. These two men have given me with some of the best Knowledge-Management Protocol for pigeons which have helped me mastering the Flying Endurance. .

Ani”- Without his help and advice, I would still be in square one!  for the perfect winning managements, and Sonu who inspired me and Ganesh  who is responsible for creating and bringing this web site all together and making my dream a reality in and at

Our Mission

India Pigeons Flying Club

Estb. 2010.

INDIA PIGEONS FLYING CLUB is A premier organization that will represents the sport of pigeon flying in India. The sport has been linked to Royalty since the early part of the last century .Today; pigeon flying is a sport for the whole world in a highly social environment. It combines animal husbandry with the natural desire for competition.


A Highflier pigeon calls as “Tippler” is a breed of domestic pigeons with a homogeneous appearance, behavior, and other characteristics that distinguish it from other animals of the same species. Here we will be detailing the Indian Highfliers-Indian Tipplers-“Girebaaz”. There are a number of well-known types of tipplers named after different breeders or the location they originated from. Most of these types have flown over 19 hours many times. Tipplers are very intelligent birds and can be trained to fly long hours and drop only when the trainer asks them to. The Homing pigeon flies to race home, the Roller pigeon flies to roll, but the Tippler just flies and flies. The fanciers of Tipplers can compete against others anywhere in the world without leaving the confines of their own home. A kit of Tipplers consists of three or more pigeons. The tippler team is best when small; controlling and managing a small kit is in fact easier. Each Tippler club has a set of defined flying rules. Generally, the aim is to let the whole kit of Tipplers fly above/around the house for as long as possible. When one of the Tipplers lands, or if the fancier gives the landing sign, that is the end of the competition. Usually, the birds have to be seen every hour during serious competitions by the referee to make sure that they are indeed flying.


There are two categories of competition: The Young Birds The Old Birds. A young bird is one hatched during the current year, and in order to qualify for young bird competition, must bear a seamless band issued for that year. Any bird wearing a band issued for any previous year is regarded as an old bird regardless of its actual age. The first old bird race is usually about the middle of April, the rest following at two week intervals. The most important competition is organized on the so called Long Day. The longest day (usually in weekend) of the year.


The rewards are the thrills of seeing your birds return on race day after flying hours and overcoming many obstacles on their homeward journey. The down side is that some will be lost to predators or simply because they did not have what it took to make the flight.  When one of yours places well those lost are soon forgotten as your family shares the joy of having one of yours up front in a race that can be a competition including thousands of birds.

At India pigeons our goal is the simplest, we want to fly and breed the best flying pigeons in the world, and everything about our program is geared toward breeding better flier pigeons. We have spent a great deal of money and effort acquiring some of the finest genes available in the sport for the purpose of establishing a world class gene pool from which we could work. Once this is accomplished, our efforts shifted to evolving that gene pool. As we move forward in this regard, the famous birds that are the foundations of our lines become more distant in the pedigrees. However, the value of the birds we produce should increase with each succeeding generation if we are to be considered successful in our breeding program. Not everything we breed will win or will breed a winner. However, our success as breeders has to be measured by the success of many of our fliers who return after a feat flying endurance or a sustained flight.


I have tried putting together the details gleaned from various sources, in the hope that, if you recognize any of the symptoms in your loft, you will be more able to identify the best course of action. I should point out that I am not a vet and if you are experiencing real difficulties you should take them to your local vet who is rather more qualified than us!

We look forward a great pleasure of having a Infinite Knowledge through this site. Thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you will enjoy the learning about this Fancy.

Yours in the Sport,


Please note: We are not Associated with any kind of  Bidding-or Monetary Profitability System.

We just want to promote Health of Pigeons in Different Ways-Standards-and Protocols.




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